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  • Reduce confusion
  • Better information architecture
  • Increase awareness of certain features and increase findability
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Better branding
Antiquated navigation no longer met the needs of the product’s users.
Participants sorted navigation items into groups that made sense to them.
Key questions asked during the card sort data analysis guided my recommendations.
In an icon library we captured the icons we would use for each navigation item.
InVision gave us a platform to converse about specific design elements, enabling quick iteration.
Through UserTesting.com we reached people who would have a "new client" perspective on the product.
A pop-up leads people to the new navigation in a friendly tone.

Frequency of sessions increased

  • Number of sessions went up
  • Days since last session went down

Engagement went up significantly

  • Session duration went up
  • Number of pages viewed per session went up