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Enhanced Blackbaud PC3

An improved and productized version of Blackbaud’s default peer-to-peer fundraising participant center, saving clients from lengthy and expensive custom development work.

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If you’ve ever donated to a friend’s fundraising campaign for a major walk or run in your area it’s likely you’ve interacted with Blackbaud’s Luminate Online TeamRaiser fundraising platform. If you’ve hosted your own fundraiser on a charity’s behalf then chances are you also are familiar with its participant center (PC), the fundraising hub in which event participants spend most of their time raising money for their favorite causes by sending out messages, updating their goals and adding photos and stories.
In April 2020, Blackbaud upgraded its default Participant Center to version three, PC3, is a significant overhaul to the PC. The previous version, PC2, was initially built in an era where smartphones and tablets were not the norm, and the idea of designing and building for mobile-first was several years away. Because of this, PC2 was not responsive and non-profits were required to spend a significant amount of time and resources customizing and configuring their code base to provide a modern user experience.

So What's The Problem?

While the upgraded PC3 is an improvement, the default experience still lacks. The time and resources needed to customize Blackbaud's default Teamraiser Participant Center is substantial. Smaller non-profits often don't have the budget and even the larger non-profits find themselves questioning if the upgrade would be worth the added costs.

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How might we offer non-profits an affordable PC3 that's been customized to provide their fundraisers with an exceptional experience?

The UX team proposed a productized version of the PC3 to include all of our best practices based on years of research and experience customizing Blackbaud's participant centers for the nation's largest nonprofits for a fraction of the cost.

The Project

My Role

Product Designer:
+ User Interaction
+ Interface Design
+ Design System


Project Manager: Rose M.
Senior UX Designer: Josh V.
Senior UX Engineer: Brent S.
Developer: Quentin J.
QA: Chad H.


XD Prototype:
+ Design System
+ Codebase matching XD prototype


Start: January 03, 2022
Handoff: June 27, 2022
Deployment: July 20, 2022

My Impact

The senior UX team members conducted the initial research leading up to the product approval within our organization. I collaborated with two other UX team members to complete a competitor analysis and primary usability testing. I led additional research efforts by integrating customer support participant center case research and data.
In addition, I worked alongside a project manager, developer and quality control. I continue to maintain the PC3 master design system for the organization and lead the design implementation for the product.

The Design




+ Client Observations
+ Google Analytics Review
+ Analyze Support Cases



+ Create User Stories
+ Team White-boarding
+ Wireframe



+ UI Design
+ Design System
+ Unmoderated Usability Tests



+ XD Design System handoff to development
+ Reusable Codebase


XD Prototype

Desktop and mobile master design systems were created. Key UI components identified for branding customizations through out the entire theme. Elements are structured so Blackbaud’s Luminate Online codebase editing is also easy to streamline.



The Enhanced PC3 product has been well received and implemented by small and large non-profits. Spanning clients such as MD Anderson Cancer Center to Susan G. Komen.

Client Success KPIs

+ PC conversion rate – increased task engagement per session on PC dashboard

+ Email/social usage – increased percentage of users sending shares and emails from PC

+ App downloads – more app downloads (where applicable) from PC dashboard

+ Fewer support cases related to PC3 usability

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